Edith Cavell

As a class we have been looking at how Edith Cavell looked after people during the war, and what a superhero she was! 

Year one had a great time visiting Norwich Cathedral and finding facts out about Edith Cavell( British Nurse) and how loyal and compassionate she was towards others. 

The children were truly mesmerised and enjoyed every moment… 

Edith Cavell

Year 2 visited Norwich Cathedral and met Edith Cavell to enhance their learning about her life. We then created some poppies to remember all the soldiers from the past wars and explored the features of the cathedral.

Outdoor Maths Learning 

Year 1 Beach School

We had a great time at the beach yesterday taking our science to the beach. The children used their senses to hear, see and smell different things. They then created a skeleton thinking of the bones that we use. Well done year 1 for being amazing!

Beach School

Year 5 have enjoyed their first visit of the school year to the beach. They took in the calming sounds of the sea before going on a scavenger hunt to see what they could find. With their findings they sorted them – they chose how to sort them, some sorted according to size, others by colour. Following this, they created some wonderful Day of the Dead mask images using the sand and the items that they had found.

Year 2 Beach School

We took our science learning about bodies to the beach and made sand skeletons!

Roman Numerals

In maths, we were learning Roman numerals. The children used equipment from the classroom to make Roman numerals and correctly say what number they had made. 

Exploring the Outdoors

The children had a great time exploring the outdoor environment this afternoon to reinforce greater than, less than and equal to equations that they have been learning about in maths this week. They worked with their learning partners to gather leaves, conkers and twigs to compare the different amounts.