Main Course

Year 6 have continued their ‘Come Dine with Me’ experience. This week the children made their main courses and their secret ingredient was salmon!


Respiratory System

Year 6 started looking at the respiratory system. They explored the function of the trachea, bronchus and bronchioles. They then had a go at making a model lung to explore the role of the diaphragm.

Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, Year 1 has been learning about Floella Benjamin and her journey to England from Trinidad. We had some incredible discussion about the fact that her experiences when first arriving in the UK were not positive, as some people made judgements about her based on the colour of her skin. 

We reflected on our differences, our similarities, and talked about how our country is made up of great people from all over the world, each bringing amazing elements of their home countries for us to enjoy and appreciate!

As a school we held a Black History Month exhibition. The children were absolutely amazing! They were able to talk about what they had learnt about Baroness Floella Benjamin and showed visitors their amazing portraits, fact files and so much more.

Design and Technology

This half term the children have been challenged with a “Come Dine with Me” experience. Today the starters for each team had their go at cooking using their key ingredient – bell pepper! We had such a variety of food to taste! Bell pepper nachos, stuffed peppers, bell pepper rice with cheese on toast and mini pizzas! The staff who volunteered to taste the food found it all exceptional! 

Open the Book

The children took part in our Open the Book assembly, where they recreated the Creation Story.

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The children explored how information is transferred over a network. They were introduced to the term: data package, header and data payload. Year 6 then had a go at writing their own data package and they had to problem solve how they would get it from one “computer” to the next.

Religious Education

The children started their new unit: “Is it reasonable to believe in God?” They explored the difference between fact, belief and opinion and put that knowledge to good use looking at different optical illusions and discussing what was a fact, opinion or belief about the images.


The children were presented with the mini question: “What is blood?” They completed a mind map of everything they knew about blood. We then used different resources to create our own ‘blood’ and talked about the main components of blood and their functions.

The class explored the circulatory system to answer the question: “Why does our blood keep moving?” They had a go at drawing how they thought the circulatory system worked and then, as a class, we looked at scientific diagrams.


Year 2 explored the function of our brain and how to keep our brains healthy. We thought about how our own learning is supported by understanding our learning outcomes and explored this through puzzles without instructions! We then made glasses to explore how understanding comes from both skills and knowledge combined. We then completed our learning by thinking about the joy of not knowing something and finding ourselves in the learning pit.

Roles and Responsibilities

We have a great team of Year 5 and 6 sports leaders. The sports leaders will work in small groups to assist children in fun activities, alongside a Premier Sports coach, during lunch times.