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School Vision For Geography


Through our curriculum we aim to: 

  • Inspire and motivate the children to learn
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of each child
  • Give opportunities for children to learn from each other
  • Promote a positive attitude to learning
  • Create life-long learners
  • Enable children to understand how our world has been shaped and how it changes
  • Giving our children opportunities to be global citizens, deepening their interest and wonder in exploring their own place in the world.



The learning of geography inspires our pupils to have a curiosity of everything around them and to be inquisitive about different places and cultures in the world.


We believe it is important to provide living geography through beach schools and outdoor learning, making it relevant to children’s lives, their futures and their world.


We strongly believe that the purpose of geography is about geographical literacy. This means we aim for children to think critically, think spatially, use maps, visual images and technology to analyse and present information.


This provides our children with a good understanding of their responsibilities within their own society, whilst also having a clear insight into the sustainability in an ever changing world.


The basis of our curriculum is inspired by our school vision and ethos of #CARE, compassion, aspiration, respect and equality/equity.


Domains of knowledge, key concepts and endpoints

National Primary Curriculum for Geography