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Finished all your home learning?


Bored and want something exciting to do?


Fancy a challenge?



Here are some great websites and tips from us to help challenge you at home:



  • 3 minute write. Pick a picture or a word and set yourself the challenge to write as much as your can in 3 minutes. Afterwards, check it makes sense with the correct spellings and punctuation. 
  • Watch newsround and create a news quiz for a friend. 
  • Science Selfie - complete a science task at home and take a selfie whilst doing it. Bring it into school to share your wonderful work. 
  • Create a treasure hunt in the garden with an adult and use cryptic clues for each stage. You could use drawings, riddles, poems or even a maths problem. 
  • Keep a diary of what you have been upto. You could then create a cartoon strip of your day. 
  • When reading, write down any words you are unsure of. Afterwards, use a dictionary to find the meaning. 
  • Create a maths board game to play at home. You could have a theme, such as subtraction, or cover all areas of maths. It is entirely up to you!
  • Create a family tree to discover your family history. Is there something you did not know about your history?



 Explorify - a wonderful science website that has videos, pictures and fun challenges for each of our science topics. Suitable for all key stages.


Ceebies - This well known website has everything – games, craft ideas and music. Many of the activities link to popular TV shows, and you will love the video singalongs!


Nasa for kids - Love Space? Well you will love NASA. There website caters for all ages with footage from Mars and the International Space Station, interviews with astronauts and news on the latest launches. There are also games and craft activities for younger children.


BBC Primary - This website covers all ages and all topics. It provides informative videos with opportunities for children to apply their learning in games.


Mathletics - As a school, we provide mathletics as part of home learning. However, it is also a fun and exciting way to play maths away from school work. Suitable for all children.