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School Vision For PE


Through our curriculum we aim to: 

  • Engage and inspire children to take part in regular physical activity
  • Raise the profile of PE throughout the school
  • Promote confidence in children’s PE skills and knowledge
  • Provide a broad range of experiences and activities for all
  • Increase participation in competitive sporting activities


We aim to provide an inclusive and comprehensive PE curriculum where we collaborate with Premier Education to foster an active and healthy lifestyle. We work alongside curriculum specialists, such as gymnastics and swimming coaches, to give the children the best opportunity to experience and become passionate about different sports.


Our PE intends to broaden pupils’ horizons by taking them beyond the everyday. Therefore education should be one where we build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. PE offers opportunities to build character and embed values which support children to push their limits. It enables all pupils to explore their physical characteristics as well as learn about themselves and others, as they face and overcome challenges. We believe PE has the power to allow all children the opportunity to excel, and to learn knowledge of how to keep themselves fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.


As a school we not only teach PE twice a week we also offer funtrition lessons every term and bespoke gymnastics and swimming (KS2), every year. Alongside this we aim to take part in inter school competitions and promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the golden mile. We also promote fitness within the local area by half termly visits to the beach where we explore the natural surroundings.



 ‘We are on a mission to make children happy and healthy by providing stimulating and exciting physical activity programmes. We offer a head on approach to mental health and promote wellbeing, reduce unhappiness and reduce feelings of anxiety.’

PE whole school long term planning

PE progression of skills map

PE endpoints, domains of knowledge and key concepts