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Welcome to Reception!

This year your child will be taught by...

Teacher - Mrs Howard

Teaching support - Mrs Baker

Key Worker - Mrs Tubby

We are so excited to be teaching your children this year!

Our topics this year are :-

Autumn - Do you want to be friends?/What happens when I fall asleep?

Spring - Can I switch it on?/Will you read me a story?

Summer - What's that sounds?/Are we there yet?

A squash and a squeeze was our book for maths and art day. We practiced number sentences by working out how many animal legs in total and got crafty with making farm animals

Well done Reception for starting the golden mile - we were a little tired after but they kept on going

We love having the guinea pigs visit and learning how to look after them

We took to the skies to see how far our planes flew and measured them using a grid

All aboard the Reception bus

Thank you to Mrs Scott who visited us and introduced us to some instruments and we had a little go

We made potions and thought about what might happen if you used them

Reception designed and made their own instruments before performing in an orchestra

We practised our football skills during PE

Life cycles - We received 5 tiny hungry caterpillars and have loved watching the changes to watch a beautiful butterfly come out of its chrysalis

To help understand Eid, we designed Mehdi patterns and decorations

What sounds do instruments make? We explored some instruments to see if we could see and hear the vibrations

We made our own instruments to perform in our orchestra

We used art to explore the Christians beliefs of the creation story

Football skills - This half term we have used magic words such as passing, dribbling, opposition, accuracy and matches. Fantastic learning Reception

What’s that sound? We went on a listening walk and listed the sounds that we could hear

I can perform a magic trick. We learnt our number bonds to 5 and impressed our friends by magically knowing how many blocks were hiding behind their back

We looked at different ways of fixing materials together to make a Handel and Gretel cottage

Fantastic problem solving whilst making an obstacle course

Easter hunt - we looked for clues to solve the Easter puzzle

We travelled to the jungle and experimented how to move our body in different ways to imitate a snake

Red Nose Day - we made people smile by being in our own chalk drawings

March 2021 - Teambuilding...we designed and created our own castles

March 2021 - We made our own Supertato’s and captured the Evil pea

March 2021 - Welcome back Reception... we missed you

Suggested remote learning timetable

Suggested PE ideas

Remote learning W/C 04.01.21

We quickly put on our coats when we saw the snow was falling and tried to catch snowflakes on our tongue

We joined in with the Hopton tradition of the children dressing the Christmas tree with baubles

We explored light and dark in our space centre

Diwali - We compared the Diwali festival with Christmas. We looked at Rangoli patterns and made them into lanterns

We loved looking after the guinea pigs

Great jumping in PE and learning the skills of tuck and star jumps

The children have been working on their fine motor skills

Who has the longest foot? The children drew around each others feet and compared the sizes

The rain doesn't stop us!

Starting the day with some dough disco

September 2020 - Settling in