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Welcome to Reception!


Our class teacher is Mrs Howard.

Our helpers are Mrs Baker and Mrs Matthews.On Mondays and Fridays, Penny comes to help us.


In Reception, we love to learn in lots of fun and practical ways. Keep checking this page of the website to find out what your child has been learning as we will be adding more content to it throughout the term.


Home Learning

As stated in a recent school letter home, while the current advice is to remain open and continue with the education of our young people, the academy has been putting in place contingency plans. Part of this is providing parents and carers with resources for home learning to take place. Please keep checking this section of the class page, as well as Dojo's and other usual channels, for further information.


Home Learning w/c 20th July

Home Learning w/b 15th June

Home learning 07.05.2020

Home learning 06.05.2020

Home learning 05.05.2020

Home learning 01.05.2020

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Home learning 30.04.2020

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Home learning 29.04.2020

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Home learning 28.04.2020

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Home learning 27.04.2020

Home learning 24.04.2020

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Home learning 23.04.2020

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Home learning 22.04.2020

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Home learning 21.04.2020

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Home learning 20.04.2020

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Mr Mc phonics lessons

Home learning - 01.04.2020

Home learning 31.03.2020

Home learning 30.03.2020

Home learning 27.03.2020


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Home learning 26.03.2020

Home learning video 26.03.2020

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Home learning 25.03.2020

Home learning 24.03.2020

Video for home learning on 24.03.2020

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Home learning 23.03.2020 (Mrs Underwood video is on Tapestry to view)

Additional activites for home learning

Explaining phonics powerpoint

Captain Howard took her crew to the beach to create their own pirate boats

Feb 20 - Parents and Grandparents joined us for a maths cafe today. Reception showed their adults their maths skills in activites that could be created at home to support the learning we do at school.

Jan 20 - To help us with our learning of boats (and pirates) we had a visitor today who told us about his hobby of sailing. He bought parts of his boat for the children to explore. We learnt to tie different knots and had lots of fun using pulleys.

Jan 20 - To help us understand the celebration of Chinese New Year, we performed a chinese dragon dance to festival music

Jan 20 - Beach school. It was Reception's turn to attend beach school. It was a beautiful morning and the children were able to go on a scavenger hunt. They then used the items that they had found to create a group piece of art.

Jan 20 - Fact or Fiction. Reception started the term with superhero and were visited by Supertato and his veggie friends. They investiaged different ways of attaching materials to make their own Supertato's

The last day of term was full of festive cheer - whole school lunch followed by a party and a visit from Father Christmas and his elf

Dec 19 - Reception enjoyed retelling the Christmas story

Dec 19 - Reception got to experience their first performance at Potter's in the Atlas theatre on stage

Dec 19 - Frosty's adventures in Reception. The children told Frosty of all the exciting activities he could do whilst he was visiting

Dec 19 - Reception came into their classroom and found snowy footprints on the floor. They discovered a Christmas visitor and they decided to call him Frosty. They then went into the hall to start a Christmas tradition of dressing the Christmas tree with baubles

Nov 19 - We read the story Little Red Hen and decided we wanted to help her so we baked some bread together.

Nov 2019 - We headed to the nature area to explore width and discussed if objects were longer or shorter.

We welcomed parents and grandparents to our phonics cafe. We played games that could be recreated at home to improve our fine motor skills as well as show off our phonics knowledge

We used our numicon with our learning of Diwali to create Rangoli patterns.

We took our maths learning outside to talk and create 2D shapes. Great teamwork and grouping were seen by everyone

October 2019 - Reception looked after Year 6's guinea pigs for the afternoon. They talked about how to care for them and how to keep them safe.

October 2019 - Using the book Leaf Man, we learnt about vegetables that may be harvested when the leaves fall. We loved exploring the colours, smells, textures and peeling the vegetables and challenged ourselves to write labels for them

Reception read the book, The Shopping Basket and were then given a shopping list to get some fruit to make fruit kebabs. They found out about safety when using sharp objects, food hygiene and also the importance of eating healthy food such as fruit. They also used their maths focus this week and made the kebab into a repeating pattern.

October 2019 - The adults were so impressed with the amazing teamwork, problem solving and the investigating skills showed for the children produced to create an obstacle course to carefully roll the big tyres across - Well done!

October 2019 - Reception joined KS1 to build hedgehog habitats and then dens for themselves. Fantastic outdoor learning :)

October 2019 - Reception enjoyed an autumnal walk around the school grounds, looking for signs of autumn. They sorted leaves by colours and used a colour chart. They also found differents seeds that had fallen from the trees.

September 2019 - Reception received a visit from two police officers. They showed them around their car and van as well as let them try on hats and handcuffs

September 2019 - Settling into Reception

We have been investigating our classroom both inside and outside, making new friends and learning the new routines.