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Welcome to Reception!


Our class teacher is Mrs Howard.

Our helpers are Mrs Baker and Mrs Matthews.On Mondays and Fridays, Penny comes to help us.


In Reception, we love to learn in lots of fun and practical ways. Keep checking this page of the website to find out what your child has been learning as we will be adding more content to it throughout the term.


Our Value this half -term is : COURAGE

Look at the things that we will be learning about this term...

Explaining phonics powerpoint

September 2018 - Settling into Reception

We have been investigating our classroom both inside and outside, making new friends and learning the new routines.

Reception have teamed up with Year 3 as Reading Buddies to share the love of reading

The Shopping Basket by John Buringham. We read the story and made fruit kebabs from the shopping in Steven's basket.

Well done Reception on a fantastic Harvest Festival celebration - they sang Dingle Dangle Scarecrow beautifully...we are all very proud of them!

We prepared biscuits ready for our party

The children really enjoyed our learning cafe - Busy fingers with a phonics twist (November 2018)

Reception celebrate their first Christmas at Hopton Academy with dressing the tree, a performance at Potters, Christingle service & Christmas lunch

Reception enjoyed using the new Trim Trail - Thank you PTA...we love it!

Spread the Happiness Challenge - We started with the digit dance to help us increase our gross motor skills and definitely made us smile (January 2019)

Reception enjoyed reading Supertato whilst learning about healthy foods and looking out for the Evil Pea (January 2019)

Spread the happiness challenge - Happy math! We explored the number a million and used different things around the classroom to make the number. We read the book how big is a million and saw a million stars :)

Staff from Gorleston Library came to visit us to read a story and tell us about the activities that happen at the library. Thank you to all the parents that joined our story session.

Spread the Happiness challenge - Happy Outdoor learning! We made a submarine using teamwork and skills that we had learnt about construction. We made sure that everyone had a seat as we are ONE TEAM! Whilst on the submarine, we sang to KS2 the song yellow submarine - They made a lot of people smile. Well done Reception!

There wasn't much, but we still had fun investigating the snow that was in our outdoor area

We had a special vistor who knew all about sailing. He brought in some of his boat to show us. We learnt about different knots and learnt about how a pulley worked.

During our maths cafe, we showed our parents lots of different ways to make learning fun and practical so that we could continue our learning at home. A list of the activities has been added below

Fun maths based activites to do at school and at home

It was a bit windy and high tide but we still had a great time at the beach. We explored our environment by using our senses and made pirate boats from the natural resources that we found. Well done shipmates!

Spread the happiness challenge: Kindness & Community. This week, Reception have been making biscuits and rather than eating them all for themselves, they showed kindness and decided to sell them and give the money to our local community. They raised £80 for the children's ward, James Paget. Fantastic job Reception!!

On Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed pancakes, discussing our favourite toppings and which ones were healthy or unhealthy

On World Book Day, we dressed as our favourite book characters

On World Book Day, we dressed as our favourite book characters 1

We celebrated Mothering Sunday with a special assembly for all the special ladies that help look after us. We sang songs, painted portraits and talked about how they helped us.

We invited our adults into the classroom for a reading cafe. The children really amazed us all with their progress in reading by playing different games

Reception took a trip to Norwich castle to support their learning of kings and queens

It was Reception's turn to perform the story in open the book assembly. Fantastic acting Reception!

The sun was out so we went to the nature area to investigate any signs of Spring

We started our topic of street detectives by walking around the village. We wanted to learn more about the place we live in. We looked at Hopton in the past and compared it to what Hopton looks like now. We loved learning that there used to be a station and railway line in Hopton.

Following our walk, the children wanted to make a large map of Hopton. The adult helped sketch out a shape but the children used different materials and textures to create the village that they live in

Next we looked at people that help us in our community - PC Carroll was kind enough to bring his police car and tell us about his job

Reception were very excited when a fire engine came to school. We found out how to keep ourselves safe and how fire fighters help in our community.

This week, we learnt about people that help us medically in our community. A big thank you to all the parents that helped us with our learning this week.