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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!
This  year your child will be taught by:

Teacher - Mrs Garforth

Teaching support - Mrs Allen


We are so excited to be teaching your children this year!

During Year 1, our pupils will be exploring ideas, discovering ways to learn and will be enjoying a variety of fantastic and new experiences. We will endeavour to instill a love of learning in each and every one of the pupils in Year 1 and to inspire children's imaginations  using a range of outdoor and indoor activities. This academic year, we will work hard together to create a positive learning environment where pupils can be the best that they can be and reach their full potential !
Thank you for your continuous support!
Mrs Garforth & Mrs Allen


Sports day- The children have enjoyed an amazing day of teamwork, sports- man ship and just having fun! Enjoy the pictures of the children having lots of fun during our Sports day.

The children in Year 1 have been enjoying learning all about the Victorians and how different life was in the Victorian era. As part of our topic, we travelled back in time to spend the day in a Victorian classroom! Our school desks were lined up, and are using chalk and board to write their times tables. Year 1 staff were in the role of strict Victorian teachers. Our pupils were asked to line up outside their classrooms – before they were allowed to enter they had to politely greet their teachers (“Good Afternoon Mrs Garforth”), while the staff checked their hands and shoes for cleanliness. They are having a great day!

We have had a great 'Day of Welcome' day. We had a surprise visit from a 'Canary',we looked after it really well. The children shared ideas about how to keep it safe and what was the connection between the canary and refugees. They also found out why the canary came to be the Norwich City emblem.

Dojo celebration- Today the children dressed up as 'what they aspire to be when they grow up'. followed by a talent show, the children were amazing! We had- astronauts, scientists, vets, doctors and lots more all in all, the experience brought plenty of cuteness, tons of laughs, and they all left feeling a little more inspired to dream big.

The children had lots of fun today choosing their snack and paying for it. They had to count their money and work out the correct change they would be given. .

Chembakolli Over the last few weeks the children have been learning facts about a small village in India called Chembakolli. We enjoyed learning about India, especially how they produced different products to export for other counties. We tasted tea, mixed spices and learnt about the journey of tea. We also enjoyed making mud bricks and made Chembakolli houses using a range of materials and of course there was 'Bollywood' dancing!

During Math's the children were working together to explore numbers to 0-50 using a tens frame.

Micro Habitat- The children had a great time exploring our science unit Habitats and worked extremely well to make a micro habitat. They talked with their learning partners to decide what they would have to include. Then they had the chance to work collaboratively, discussing different materials needed to build their life-size habitat.

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Red Nose Day The children had a great time supporting red Nose Day participating in a range of activities.

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We didn't let the rain stop us, we took our math's outside today to explore part whole model. The children used a range of natural resources to show the part, whole of a number.

The children had a surprise visit from Edith Cavell! They enjoyed asking her lots of questions about her life. During Art the children created a portrait of Edith Cavell using a range of pastels.

Year 1 loved their autumn walk around the school grounds. We saw spiders resting in their cobwebs, birds nests hiding in the trees and we collected leaves that were red, yellow and brown. It was lots of fun!

Math Minion came to spend the week with us, he had a great time helping the children with their Math's.


During During Science we explored our five sense; touch, smell, taste, hear and sight. The children learnt that our senses help us to understand the world around us.

Pudsey Day

We decided to go on a nature walk to see what interesting things we could find to make a natural paint brush, then the children created a painting of the four seasons. We looked closely at the different textures and patterns the leaves made.

The children enjoyed planting bulbs for spring.

This week the children have been exploring place value using a range of natural resources. The children worked in small teams and were really enthusiastic about their learning.


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The children had a great time selecting materials and making a rocket. They had to explore what would happen when it was launched... Their excitement, when launched, was brilliant! Thank you Mrs Allen.

We explored the Joy of Not knowing Things and found out that when we get stuck is when the learning starts! We designed our own learning pits and learned strategies to escape them. We then decided to make our own What Makes a Good Leaner Potion. The children used their senses in unusual ways; close observation and lots of smelling! The children used language creatively to describe their potion and create magical instructions.

The children loved our week on brainwaves! We learnt all about how our brains work and the connections our neurons make. We worked out that knowledge and learning equal learning!

During Math's year 1 were looking at different heights and lengths of objects. The children were asked to cut out animals and put them in order from tallest to shortest.. They were then asked questions relating to their order, as an extension task, I asked the children to place themselves in the order of shortest to tallest.

The children had a great time making their journey sticks. It involved hunting, collecting, comparing with other children, as well as the opportunity to get creative with the stick design. We found a variety of shapes, colours , textures and sizes.