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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Our class teachers are Mrs Moore and Mrs Garforth. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Clements and our key worker is Mrs Carroll.

Welcome to our class!

We are excited to have many fun Topics to explore this year.

Autumn – Learn to learn week,  Plots, Poppies and Puddings and christmas.

Spring - Castles

Summer - Would a dinosaur make a good pet?


Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday, but it is a good idea to bring your kit into school every Monday.

Some websites to use at home

Home Learning

As stated in a recent school letter home, while the current advice is to remain open and continue with the education of our young people, the academy has been putting in place contingency plans. Part of this is providing parents and carers with resources for home learning to take place. Please keep checking this section of the class page, as well as Dojo's and other usual channels, for further information.

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Easter home learning challenges!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Monday 30th March 2020 home learning

For those children who love adventure Ben Fogle is posting an adventures he has undertaken everyday at 4pm!

Friday 27th March 2020

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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Here are some children completing the maths challenge by matching coins to 1-20 numbers.

Trip to Framlingham Castle

The children enjoyed exploring the castle. They were able to locate the features, such as battlements, arrow loops, crenellation and towers. They explored the moat around the base of the castle walls and thought about the position of the castle. When we were up the top of the battlements we noticed how far into the distance we could see and we decided the height would help us to see invaders as they were approaching.

The children have loved creating their own castles to start our castle topic.

This half term we are learning about castles within topic and materials in science. I have attached some knowledge organisers which contain the vocabulary and facts we will be learning about.

What a fantastic day learning all about the Magi! We learnt all about their exhausting journey to Bethlehem, we thought about how determined and kind they must have been to travel so far. We then looked at a picture of the Magi journeying to Bethlehem and recreated our own using pastels.

What an amazing writing cafe!

Writing Cafe information

Year 1 enjoyed exploring what happens to skittles when warm water is added.

We had an incredible day den building in the nature area!

We had a fabulous time making wind socks and rain gauges to measure the weather. We are really looking forward to checking on the weather every day and creating a weather diary.

Year 1 and 2 Welcome meet

We had an amazing time making edible sparklers, poppies and layered firework paintings!
We have had an amazing start to year 1. The children have been learning about the Hopton learning powers and practicing using them in various activities. To end our learning to learn week the children used all of their Hopton learning powers to try to protect their egg from breaking when dropped from a height. They listened to each others ideas and persevered. They used a lot of creative thinking and were all very keen to have a go!