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Welcome to Year 3!

This year your child will be taught by...

Teacher - Mrs Garrard

Teaching assistant - Mrs Carroll and Mrs Pettigrew


We are looking forward to teaching your children this year!


Our topics this year are:

Autumn -  Romans

Spring - Extreme Earth

Summer - Vikings




Welcome to year 3

Summer term

Norfolk Welcomes Day

We have had a great day celebrating Norfolk Welcomes Day. We had a visit from a canary who brought a letter with it asking us to care for it and we learned why Norwich City Football Club have a canary on their logo.

We found out that refugees are people that leave their country because it is too dangerous for them to stay.

The children had fun creating welcoming crests and colourful canarys.


Our class text for this term is Julius Zebra, entangled with the Egyptians written by Gary Northfield. 

After being shipwrecked on the shores of Egypt and mistaken for a Horse God, Julius can't believe his luck! Soon he and his bedraggled friends will be living it up in the city of Alexandria; preened and pampered like gods.

This ridiculous adventure continues as Julius fights for his life as the Egyptians come to unravel the truth and realise that he is not quite what they thought he was...

Science - sound. Summer 2 topic

We began our new science topic by understanding that sound travels as a vibration which enters your ear and you hear it as sound. To demonstrate the vibration, children spoke into a balloon. The balloon allowed them to feel the vibrations when they were speaking into the balloon and hearing the sound. 

We also showed vibrations by making a model of the ear drum using cling film over a bowl. Rice was placed in top and a loud banging sound was made nearby. The rice 'jumped' about when the sound was made, this demonstrated the sound vibrations.  

Science- sound

Science- sound

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Pharaohs topic knowledge organiser


Our summer topic is Pharaohs. 

We are carrying out research on Ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun during this term so we can publish a non-chronological report.

We have also made ourselves into Pharaohs by selecting our own Egyptian crowns and headdresses. Crowns and headdresses were used to show that someone was powerful, a God or ruler and for religious ceremonies. 

We created three different types of headwear: 

The Deshrat (red crown) - These would have been worn by the ruler of Lower Egypt

The Hedjet (white crown) - This would have been worn by rulers in Upper Egypt

The Kepresh (blue crown) - This type of crown was worn by Pharaohs when they were going to war. 




Year 3 found that Ancient Egyptian used to write using symbols known as hieroglyphics. 

We used a hieroglyphic alphabet to write our own names - can you decode them?


Science - electricity. Summer 1 topic


In year 3 we have been observing the life cycle of a butterfly. We began with 5 tiny caterpillars which soon grew. As they grew the children found their exoskeletons left in the container. This occurs as the caterpillar has an external skeleton which supports and protects their body, however as the exoskeleton does not grow, the caterpillar sheds it during this growing stage. 

After about 14 days, the caterpillars formed their own protective chrysalis in which the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly happens.

Again, about 2 weeks later, the metamorphosis (change form) stage was complete and the butterflies emerged from the chrysalis. 

We fed the butterflies fruit and sugary water until we set them free on the school field.


Spring term

Red Nose Day 19th March 2021

Year 3 have shown their creative powers as part of our Red Nose Day activity. They have turned plastic bottles, boxes and paper plates into an amazing underwater display with colourful sea creatures and boats. 

Image to help with maths when you do not have Base ten resources available to you, video is on Class Dojo

Remote learning for week commencing 4th January 2021

Spring term 2021

Happy New Year

This term we have lots of exciting learning planned: we will be gaining an understanding of life under the sea with our Blue Abyss topic in which we will be researching sea creatures to write a non-chronological report as well as writing under the sea themes poetry.

We will be learning multiplication and division during our maths lessons as well as recapping addition and subtraction.

In RE we will be learning about creation and identifying what Christians learn from the creations story and in science our topic this term in electricity.


Autumn term

Friday 18th December - Today year 3 took part in a Christmas card exchange with the residents of Ritson Lodge. The children and residents opened each others cards while on a zoom call. It was wonderful to see so many happy faces.

Thursday 17th December - Christingle



In class we are currently reading The Ice Monster, written by David Walliams

The children are really showing a great interest in this text. They have used the storyline to create their own adventure story set in Victorian London basing their own characters on Elsie. 

Year 3 are enjoying this story so much that we are using this as a focus for writing a diary entry. The children are writing as though they are a child in Victorian London.




As part of our science topic, Animals including humans, year 3 have looked at how drinks can effect our tooth enamel. To do this we placed eggs in water, cola, orange juice, apple juice and milk. The shell of an egg is similar to our enamel so will show an accurate result.


The children made a prediction of what would happen before we began our observations. Most thought that the water would be the best and cola the most harmful for our teeth. 


See below for the before, during and after photos - it was egg-cellent!!