Life Skills

RSHE (Relationship, Sex & Health Education) Vision Statement

At Hopton Primary Academy, we aim to provide a range of opportunities for children to develop themselves in a well-balanced way, beyond the academic and to move from childhood to adolescence with support and guidance to encourage both an awareness of others and the growth of responsible independence. Through this, we believe children can develop the confidence, talents and skills to become effective individuals, motivated learners and active citizens.
We want to prepare our children for the future by encouraging the development of characteristics for life such as a love of learning, resilience, integrity, team work, critical thinking and independence. We want to prepare them for the world of work and support them in developing enterprise skills and shared responsibilities

As a school we promote the use of ‘Growth Mindset’ using our Hopton Powers and this, alongside our British Values, #CARE, to underpin our PSHE curriculum.

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education Guidance

Curriculum Design in RSHE/Life Skills

At Hopton, we have a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of our children. Having spoken to many stakeholders of our school including the senior leadership team, pastoral care assistant, NHS data for the area, teachers and most importantly the pupils, a long term plan was created using resources and plans from Educator Solutions and the PSHE Association.

Parent Information

Unique Week

We spend time celebrating unique moments throughout the year, looking at current topics of interest. This year they have included Pride Month, Jubilee Week, Hello Yellow (Mental Health in Young People), Anti-bullying week and Refugee Week.

Hopton Learning Powers

Have a go (Hedgehog)

Own your own learning (Bee)

Persevere, keep going (snail)

Think creatively (spider)

Open to other’s ideas (Owl)

Notice things and be curious (Magpie)