Mrs Moore
Music Subject Leader

School Vision For Music

Through our curriculum we aim to: 

  • Inspire and motivate the children to learn
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of each child
  • Give opportunities for children to learn from each other
  • Promote a positive attitude to learning
  • Create life-long learners
  • Help children to understand Britain’s heritage
  • Teach children how to be positive citizens in society.

Learning music has an intrinsic value and can be a positive lever for social justice. Music is an international language, accessible to babies much before their own spoken dialect. We aim to build upon this natural predisposition so that all students can enjoy and access the benefits of music.

There are a plethora of positive benefits that music can have on a child’s development; physical, psychological, social, musical and educational.

Our musical curriculum aims to enhance these advantages through a wide range of creative outlets from performing, improvising, composing and singing, as well as building upon their critical musicianship skills and knowledge of music from around the world, both past and present.

This curriculum seeks to empower children to enjoy collaborating with others, finding a spiritual connection with music or navigating the learning of at least one instrument.

These inclusive beliefs are accessible to all children, including groups that are often at risk of being marginalised, in order to improve a sense of social inclusion in all and promote a culture of emotionally intelligent learners.

The basis of our curriculum is inspired by our school vision and ethos of #CARE, compassion, aspiration, respect and equality/equity.

School Choir

The school choir performed at the Royal Norfolk Show this summer. They sang their own songs to a large audience early afternoon and then joined other schools later that afternoon to sing collectively some Commonwealth songs in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.