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Year 4 had such a fantastic morning kicking off our new Science topic of Electricity with the amazing guidance of Mad Science!  Pupils took part in hair-raising investigations which included: human circuits and boggy burning!
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Dojo Party!

Year 6 got their reward for getting 1,000 dojos – A pizza party! The only rule was the children had to make the pizza themselves!
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Year 6 have ended their ‘Come Dine with Me’ experience with some delicious desserts! Their key ingredient was pineapple.
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Main Course

Year 6 have continued their ‘Come Dine with Me’ experience. This week the children made their main courses and their secret ingredient was salmon!
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Respiratory System Year 6 started looking at the respiratory system. They explored the function of the trachea, bronchus and bronchioles. They then had a go at making a model lung to explore the role of the diaphragm.
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