Year 1 ‘Open the Book’

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in ‘Open the Book’ this week with Mrs Nickerson, re-enacting the story of the Widow and the coin. Well done!

Year 1 Outdoor Maths

The children had an engaging outdoor math activity for fractions.  They used hula hoops and a range of natural hands-on manipulatives to help them develop a conceptual understanding of fractions.  They were then given the challenge, to work as a group, to answer ‘can 22 be shared equally by four? They worked really well to solve the problem working as a group!

Castles – topic

Over the last few weeks the children have made their tabards, shields, swards and helmets ready for their dojo end of term party. The children spend the morning decorating the classroom, creating menus and preparing food for the banquet! In the afternoon all the children dressed up as knights ready for their feast, which they had in the year 1 classroom. Mrs Garforth then served the knights their food which included, ham, fruit, bread and cheese. What a great way to finish our topic ‘Castles’!

Looking at Directions with a Compass

During our topic lesson today we were looking at directions – North, East- South and West. To begin with they were given a starting point and a clue, then using a compass they had to work out directions to find a letter and another clue , these were found around the school grounds, the children were excited when they found out there was treasure to be found at the end. They worked collaboratively to solve what the letters made ‘CASTLES’ which is our theme for this term. The children then looked at how the compass shows north and we noticed that it’s not always forward.

World Book Day

We have had a great day enjoying World Book Day! The children enjoyed reading to their partners and chose some strange places to do so.

Learning About Primary Colours

The children learnt all about primary colours today in Art and was shown some example of Piet Mondrian paintings. His style of painting was to use blocks of primary colours also white blocks and black lines. The children created their own- only using red, yellow, blue and black paints. They had the opportunity to to practise using rulers to measure and draw straight lines. The results are amazing!

Chinese New Year Festival

Year one have been learning all about the Chinese New Year festival this week and made lanterns. We found out some interesting facts, the lanterns can symbolise the people letting go of their past selves and getting new ones, which they will let go of the next year. The lanterns are almost always red to symbolise good fortune.

Learning about Palm Sunday

We watched the story of the last supper and learnt about Palm Sunday during RE. We shared some hot cross buns as a class and noticed they had a cross on them which must be why they are eaten during Easter. We then learnt how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples after the last supper. We role played this and thought about how the Easter story shows us that Jesus loved his disciples and wanted to show this by washing their feet.

Why Does Easter Matter to Christians?

Our big question for RE this term is ‘Why Does Easter Matter to Christians? We talked about how Spring follows Winter and that Easter is in spring. We went outside to look for and recognise signs of spring.

Investigating weather

Year 1 have been investigating the weather in science. Last week we made rain gauges, this week we had fun making wind socks! We talked about the different material that could be used to create a wind sock, and how the tunnelling effect of the wind through the tapered “sock” causes lift and makes the wind sock stick out like it does. However, this only works when there is wind to blow through the sock.