Comic Relief

The year twos enjoyed raising money for Comic Relief by telling jokes.

Anti Bullying Week

Year 2 learnt about what bullying is and designed some posters to demonstrate this. We then celebrated Odd socks day and thought about how important it is to be unique. We used Smartie the penguin to learn how to stay safe on the internet and finished our week with a team challenge, by making our school out of lego.

Edith Cavell

Year 2 visited Norwich Cathedral and met Edith Cavell to enhance their learning about her life. We then created some poppies to remember all the soldiers from the past wars and explored the features of the cathedral.

Year 2 Beach School

We took our science learning about bodies to the beach and made sand skeletons!


The class enjoyed learning about what our brains do and how to keep them healthy during our learn to learn week. We dissected brains to find out the five main functions – sleep, think, puzzle, exercise and emotions. We thought about how understanding is made up of both skills and knowledge and made some glasses to exemplify this. We then tried to do some jigsaws without instructions and realised how seeing the whole picture makes our learning easier. We learnt about the learning pit and how fun it is not to know something as that is when the learning starts!