Maya Day

What an amazing day Year 5 had on Tuesday 15th November when we had an archaeologist visit school for our Maya day. The children enjoyed activities such as: archaeology, pottery, Maya maths and Maya dancing.

Beach School

Year 5 have enjoyed their first visit of the school year to the beach. They took in the calming sounds of the sea before going on a scavenger hunt to see what they could find. With their findings they sorted them – they chose how to sort them, some sorted according to size, others by colour. Following this, they created some wonderful Day of the Dead mask images using the sand and the items that they had found.

Roman Numerals

In maths, we were learning Roman numerals. The children used equipment from the classroom to make Roman numerals and correctly say what number they had made. 


We have started our computing lessons by looking at staying safe online. We discussed the importance of age related apps, parental controls and restrictions when using social media apps.

Roles and Responsibilities

We have a great team of Year 5 sports leaders. The sports leaders will work in small groups to assist children in fun activities, alongside a Premier Sports coach, during lunch times.


We have been learning about the equator, longitude and latitude to identify where countries are in the world. We used an atlas and coordinates to accurately locate countries, including Mexico.

The children have started their topic, Hola Mexico, by exploring the festival of Dia de los Muertos and how it differs from Halloween. They looked at why the festival, also known as Day of the Dead, is significant to the people of Mexico.