Comic Relief

The year twos enjoyed raising money for Comic Relief by telling jokes.

Lego Education

Year 3 were very lucky to have a Lego Education session run by visitors from East Norfolk Sixth Form College. They worked in groups and followed instructions to build a Ferris wheel. They were even able to program it using a tablet to spin around and light up! 

Rudolph Run

On Monday 5th December, year one took part in the Rudolph Run. This was where each child ran three times around the running track. The children had great fun, all while raising funds for Nelson’s journey to help support bereaved children in Norfolk.

Anti Bullying Week

Year 2 learnt about what bullying is and designed some posters to demonstrate this. We then celebrated Odd socks day and thought about how important it is to be unique. We used Smartie the penguin to learn how to stay safe on the internet and finished our week with a team challenge, by making our school out of lego.

Beach School

Year 3 had a wonderful time at the beach creating replicas of Stonehenge. They worked together to use whatever they could find on the beach and I was incredibly impressed with the balancing of the rocks. Well done for a super first Beach School as year 3!

Ancient Maya Day

Year 6 took part in a workshop hosted by Historic Workshops and learnt all about the Ancient Maya. They had a go at cracking the code using Maya Maths, they became archaeologists and discovered artifacts, and they had a go at making a zoomorphic clay pot. Year 6 were also taught about the Ancient Maya civilisation and their temples.

Maths Week 2022

Year 6 took part in Maths Week 2022, which was hosted by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Outreach. The children had to design and create a space display using origami and I have been totally blown away with their skill, determination and resilience.

Maya Day

What an amazing day Year 5 had on Tuesday 15th November when we had an archaeologist visit school for our Maya day. The children enjoyed activities such as: archaeology, pottery, Maya maths and Maya dancing.

Year 6 Remembrance

Year 6 led the Remembrance Service for the school and did a smashing job of recounting the history involving the World Wars as well as performing the song “See the Poppies” and reading the poems “The Inquisitive Mind of the Child”, “Flander’s Field” and “One Thousand Men are Walking”

Year 6 Harvest

Year 6 celebrated their Harvest assembly in the local church, where they read the poem “Ballard of Harvest Past”.